About medi

This is what sets us apart.

medi is a company operating at global level and a leading manufacturer in the field of medical aids.

Our competence is demonstrated in terms of market share and in our competitive edge, both in know-how and in the development of new technologies and products.

We see ourselves as pioneers and trendsetters. This is also evident from our extensive and qualitatively impressive product and services portfolios. medi today is a partner who is always reliable, fair and empathetic to all its customers and in all business relations, and it will continue to be so in the future too.

Leadership is also responsibility. We always fulfil our social responsibilities:

  • Better quality of life for users of medi products.
  • Significant benefits for customers and partners.
  • Secure future for the company and its employees

We are committed to this.

People are always centre-stage in our day-to-day business.

We are committed to ensuring that our users, customers and partners of medi have confidence in and are extremely satisfied with medi. We achieve this with products and services that offer maximum benefits.

We set high standards in quality and safety. Here we understand quality to be product quality and quality of our relationships.

The company stands for employees with commitment. Driving innovations forward, shaping the market, finding individual solutions. This is what the work culture at medi is based on.

At medi, a medium-sized family-run company, great importance is attached to personal commitment and the abilities of each individual. This is why, on all levels and in all areas, we create a working environment in which:

  • clear goals and responsibilities are defined and everyone involved is supported in their implementation,
  • responsibility for tasks, processes and results is of primary importance,
  • results are evaluated, services and achievement is recognised and abilities promoted.

This working environment is characterised by a high degree of trust and should mean an equally high degree of job satisfaction and quality of life for each employee.

These are our values.

Our whole approach, internally and externally, is based on values. They form the basis of our actions and the guiding principles of the company.

medi’s key value pairs are:

Competence & Progress
In order to make good the promise “I feel better”, medi transforms its experience and specialist knowledge into innovations.

Function & Design
medi satisfies the highest demands with products and services of exceptional quality, which offer the customer added value.

Empathy & Responsibility
Giving people back their zest for life can only succeed if the relationship with them is sympathetic, trusting collegial.